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service and installation team

Company Pekarski Servis  provides installation services of machines and equipment for other companies. We also provide service support and machine repairs for foreign companies.

30 years of experience and many satisfied clients is a guarantee of knowledge, expertise and success.

High knowledge of the technology of production processes, extensive experience in repairs and installations of machines and equipment allows us to understand and solve the problem quickly and with high quality.


You dont have to send your service team on trip - save time and money - HIRE US.

- biscuit depositors - all kinds and types & producers

- rotary moulders - all kinds & producers

- ovens all kinds & producers

- mixers for dough etc - all kinds & producers

- sprinklers, and simillar systems - all kinds & producers

- chocolate machines (ball mills etc, tempering units, tanks dosing systems, etc)  - all kinds & producers

- enrobing lines  - all kinds & producers

- production lines for snack, corn flips, wafer, swiss roll, energy bar etc

- special equipment for bakerys and confectionary.

- packaging machines - all kinds & producers

- ETC ..

Our main area of activity is Ex Yugoslavia (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, North Macedonia), Albania etc including all EU coutries and Russia.

Also we was working worldwide and there is no problems for that. We was working in Algeria, Morroco, Turkey, etc...

We like challenges . Also our imperative is a successfully completed job and a satisfied client. We look at work as one of many in the future and not as the lastone. 

Time of urgent service responce (visit client): 

- for Serbia and near countries from 5 - 48 hours (depends of current availability in the emergency schedule)

Dates, time, and condutions for all other services, installatuons, repair, etc  are agreed with the clients in advance.

We Note that we are the only reliable partner that will support your company in the sale, installation and maintenance of machines in our territory.

Save your time and money - Hire us.

Our specialists will respond to every task and challenge the fastest and highest quality possible !

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mobile/viber/whatsup  +381 (0) 64 324 1 806

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  • Automatizacija mašina i procesa po zahtevu klijenta

    Automatizacija mašina i procesa po zahtevu klijenta

    Automatizacija mašina podrazumeva veću stopu proizvodnje i povećanu produktivnost, efikasniju upotrebu sirovina, bolji kvalitet proizvoda, manji utrošak energije,kraće vreme proizvodnje. Veća proizvodnja i povećana produktivnost, smanjenje utroška energije su tri najveća razloga za automatizaciju mašina i proizvodnih procesa.

    manje zastoja + manji utrošak energije + veća produktivnost = veća zarada Automatizacijom postojećih mašina i opreme rešavate mnoge probleme. Mi poznajemo tehnologije i dajemo specifična i inovativna rešenja u okviru tehnoloških zahteva poštujući standarde i bezbednost

  • Usluge servisa

    Usluge servisa


    Pružamo tehničku podršku kompaniama koje se bave konditorskom proizvodnjom, kao i terensku servisnu podršku kompanijama proizvođačima opreme i pribora za industrijsku i zanatsku konditorsku proizvodnju.

    *servis industriskih mašina (interventno, preventivno i prediktivno)
    * montaža industriskih mašina
    * demontaža industriskih mašina
    Pored toga, delimo naša znanja sa klijentima u cilju boljeg i pouzdanijeg rada opreme.


    Pekarski Servis 
    Arilje, Republika Srbija, 

    GSM/VIBER/WA + 381- 64-324-1-806
    Pon-Sub: 08.00 - 18.00



    Pekarski Servis pruža usluge montaže, instalacije, redovnog servisiranja, urgentnih popravki za domaće i strane kompanije.

    Pekarski Servis provides assembly, installation, regular servicing, emergency repairs services for domestic and foreign companies.
    We also sell machines and represent manufacturers of machines and equipment for the production of biscuits, cakes and chocolate.

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